How were Zepplins used in WW1?

                                                 By: Gabi, Andrea, and Amanda

The Zipplelin is a fascinating aircraft object do to its interesting uses and cool facts.  For example, the Germans used the zeppelins to bomb war areas. Also, the aircraft killed over 500 people. Besides that it could carry over 10,000 at one time. As so as the war started the first blimp was made on March 25, 1874. And was first flown on July 2, 1900.

In World War 1 the men did not do canniblism. However, instead of eating people they ate chunky fats of meat and vegetables in thin gravy. Also they ate only 4000 calories a day! And at that time they also ate 9oz. of tinned meat. By then, around 2 million people died of diseases or hunger.