Marco Polo - A Ready Reference And Fact Sheet On His Life And Travels

Marco Polo was one of the most noted travellers and writers of ancient history. In fact the whole concept of travel writing and blogging was originally developed by this man as he journeyed across Europe and Asia, trying to find better routes for journeys and making new connections with the people of the world. His was the original quest for travel and his writings are still considered as the best guide to understand the culture and geography of the world in that age. In fact, many explorers after his time used his book as the best reference to make their own specific journeys, trying to find uncharted routes and lands.

But sadly, much about the early life of this great man is still relatively unknown – lost in the pages of history that could not document his amazing journey soon enough. However, here are the basic facts about the life and times of Marco Polo – to serve as a ready reference of sorts in case you want to know more about him.

* Marco Polo was initially an Italian merchant and adventurer who later went on to become the greatest traveller that history has ever seen.

* He was born in Venice in 1254 but his exact date of birth is still a topic of debate.

* His mother had passed away when he was very young, which meant that young Marco Polo was raised by his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo, both of whom were extremely successful and wealthy jewelry merchants.

* Niccolo and Maffeo made the journey to Mongol empire in China in 1266, to trade with the then emperor Kublai Khan. Marco didn’t make this journey with them.

* This journey proved to be the turning point in Marco Polo‘s life. The emperor Kublai Khan requested the Polo brothers to come back a hundred European priests to China who would then help him in understanding Christianity.

* This initiated Marco’s first journey which began in 1271 when he was 17 years old. The Polos were the first Europeans to travel and reach China. However the journey took them nearly 4 years to complete.

* Marco Polo stayed in China for nearly 17 years during which he worked as an advisor and aide to Kublai Khan, travelling through the country and documenting the journey for the emperor.

* His return journey was even more interesting wherein he was asked to escort the daughter of Kublai Khan’s regional rulers to Persia in 1292. This caused his return trip to take three years.

* Upon his return, he was hailed for his travels and adventures, making his an instant celebrity, both amongst the masses as well as with the rulers and authorities.

* He chose to document every part of his travels in his book – The travels of Marco Polo – a book which also became an instant success as soon as it was launched. The exceptionally sharp memory of Polo aided him in recording every aspect of his journey in great detail and accuracy.

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