Hannah and Alli
April 15, 2015

In Egypt you are not allowed to eat pork or eat with your left hand.  You are also not allowed to have alcohol or pour your own drink.  Always accept a cup of tea and coffee and your not allowed to live until the hostess or the waiter gives a cold drink.  You may not be given utensils and if you are not given utensils you cannot eat with your left hand.  If you are given utensils you have to hold them in your left.  After you have finished you may get either a fresh mint or a water pipe that contains tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs, this may be illegal.  Expect to be told it is too early to leave the first time you try to leave, stay a little longer and try to leave five to twenty minutes afterward.

What we found surprising that at restaurants they give water pipes to kids and adults.  Usually we dont give children illegal drugs that can seriously damage thier brain and abilities to think properly, (AKA things they will need for the rest of thier lives in order to have a sucsessful life.) In America, we don't do that.  It is important to know the etiquette rules of a country before you go there because if you don't do the correct etiquette than you could get kicked out of the restaurant.

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