Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Telephone 1875

The telephone is so important to humanity because for the first time in humanity, people can communicate almost instantly to others. This allows information to be sent reliably over long distance without word of mouth corrupting the info.

Alexander Grahm Bell

The Railroad-1860's

The railroad is such a important achievement for two reasons. First was that people could get around without having to spend weeks walking to the destination. This allowed goods, as well as people, to move to a new area in hours instead of weeks. Expansion was now not nearly as much of a dangerous prospect anymore.


The Electric Light- 1879

Thomas Edison

The first light bulb was so important because for the first time in history, there is a relatively safe way to light up dark areas, allowing work to be done past nighttime. Also, the light bulb showed a practical use for electricity. This spurred the development of electricity in homes, and helped develop other electrical-powered appliances.

The Typewriter-1868

Rasmus Malling-Hanson

The Typewriter was an important inventions because, like the telephone, it allowed information to be passed reliably over long distances. It alow allowed news to come out much quicker than a typing press could. This meant that people that lived away from large cities to get the same news, without word of mouth corrupting the story.


Alfred Nobel

An extremely important invention made in the late 1800's was the invention of dynamite. This explosive material helped build the railroad system, mining for coal and gold, and was revolutionary at the time.

Ice Maker-1865

John Gorrie

The ice machine was such an important invention because it allowed food to be kept for a far greater time. Also, this invention led the way to other now common items, like the air conditioner.

The Winchester Repeating Rifle model 1873-1873

Oliver Winchester

This is a less known invention, but impacted firearms for all time. This gun used a very ambitious design at the time, a completely self contained .44-40 Winchester cartridge. It also utilized a tubular-fed magazine, letting a single person fire more rounds than a dozen men armed with muskets. It was also called "The gun that won the West"

Smith & Wesson Model 1

Horace Smith & Daniel Wesson

The Smith and Wesson Model 1 revolver was the first revolver made by the Smith & Wesson Arms company. It featured a .22 short black powder cartridge, and held 7 rounds. This was the first revolver that didn't have loose black powder in the chambers.

The Oil Drill-1859

Edwin Drake

The oil drill. It changed history in so many ways. Oil was used back when this drill was created mainly for kerosene, a flammable liquid used in lighting and some heat sources. The production of this well led to the creation of most of the petroleum products used today, like cars, plastic, and gasoline.


Franz von Soxhlet

Pasteurization is a common item currently, but it was a huge leap back in the 1800's. Pasteurization is basicly heating up the dairy product, then cooling it very quickly. This stalls the microorganisms in it, making the product safer for longer to humans. This was very beneficial in rural areas, where milk may not be readily available, and could be days old.

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