Thomas Jefferson
AKA: man of the people

About me:i was born on April 13,1743. i was to  become the 3rd president of the U.S. I also love how the mockingbirds song.  So i started to keep the as pets in groups of four.

My blog: I liked the election it was very hard . People liked me and John Adams a lot. I could not blame them we both would have made good leaders  but in the end i won because i was smarter and better than he was so that is what i had to say about the eletion of 1800.


John Adams- that was a good eletion even if i dnit win

James Madison-  How will i do this after TJ


                                 Just started the declaration of independence   

                                                            My  Likes

                                 i love to read, love working with my hands, i love my family                                                       

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Great job, thanks.