Mystery Book Project

By Owen Silk

About the Author

Roland Smith, author of the I,Q series, was born November 30, 1951 in Portland, Oregon. He has a wife, Marie Smith, and three step kids,  Bethany, Shawn, and Niki.


Boone: Boone is a retired CIA operative and now works for the SOS. He and his teem are trying to figure out how or where Malak "died." Boone also loves reading books. When the luxury bus broke down Boone offered to be their driver.

Quest: Quest, (Q for short), is thirteen years old  and his parents divorced. His mom, a singer, married Angela's dad, a musician. Now, Quest is Angela's step brother. Quest is really good at magic tricks and things like that.

Angela: Angela is fifteen years old and her mom, a secret service agent, "died" in a terrorist bomb incident. Her father, a musician,  married Quest's mom, a singer. Angela likes teakwondo and other things that have to do with fighting.

Plot Summary

Angela's dad and Quest's mom have married each other and starting a bus tour to preform their music all around the country. Angela and Quest have to continue school on the internet and be famous. They start their tour on September 5th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But as they are heading towards Philadelphia, their luxury bus breaks down in Nevada. Boone, a retired secret agent, shows up and fixes there engine and offers to be their bus driver. As they arrive in Philadelphia,  Angela notices a person following her. Angela and Quest bond closer together. Angela and Quest find out Boone is a secret agent. Boone tells Angela that the person who is following them is Eben. Eben is a Mossad terrorist. Boone keeps Angela in a hotel where she is safe and Eben can't find her. Eventually Angela runs away. Quest went looking for her and found her in their luxury bus. they get an email from Malak saying to meet her at Independence Hall. They meet Ziv, one of Eben's co workers, and he tells them to go inside the building but before they reach the building Quest is held hostage by Eben.


Malak has died in bomb incident and supposedly "died." Angela wants to find out the truth about her real mom's disappearance, with Quest to help her on her way.


It's modern day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2013

I think the author was trying to tell us that anyone could be a terrorist so we can't trust everyone we come in contact.


Angela wants to know if Malak died or her terrorist twin sister but Eben will get in her way.

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