Why were ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics so Important?

            Ancient Egypt used writing practically, religiously, and also just for fun. One thing that was important was keeping track of info (crops, cattle, taxes, etc.). Which was made easier due to the fact that the Egyptians invented papyrus, an early form of paper. This was a big advancement, because rather that carving info onto heavy and breakable clay tablets, Egyptians could use ink to make marks on papyrus and carry much more writing with much less weight. This made recording and transporting information much easier.


       Egyptians also told stories using writing. Story telling was a primary pass time for Egyptians. It was often a feature during festivals. Egyptians were also one of the first, if not the first, to write books and stories.

        Writing was also used religiously. Learning to be a scribe took a long time and a lot of dedication, but it was also a great honor. As such, scribes were dressed in finer clothing than the general populace. Egyptians also thought that writing on the walls of tombs of pharaohs would help them into the afterlife. Many famous Egyptian artifacts were for the sole purpose of talking about the pharaohs and gods, such as The Palette of Narmer, a Egyptian artifact talking about Narmer. Because the Egyptians were so thorough about recording religion and information is why we know so much about they're daily lives as we do. If we came across a ancient civilization that didn't have written language or surviving people, we would know nothing about them