Black Bears

Are Black Bears black?

Most black bears are not actually, black. In fact, most that are black have some sort of marking or patch of another color. There are different colors and some are even mixed colors. They come in many colors including the following (some only in certain areas): black, white, blue-black, brown, honey, dark brown, cinnamon, and other colors in other areas.      

A Black Bear with the different colors of fur, that are possible, on it.

Clubs to Adults

Sows usually have 2 cubs per litter(5 are possible but unlikely to happen)during the months of January and February. Cubs usually spend the fist five weeks nursing and snuggling close to their mom.They usually open their eyes on the 6th week. First look outside is when they are about 3 months old; when their permanent teeth start growing. During their first year, they learn by watching their mom. The cubs learn all of the skills a bear needs in order to survive like what to do in case of bad weather, or which animals to avoid. They sleep with their mom in the winter, in her den. They receive survival lessons until the summer; the mom is out finding a new mate. When they are yearling, they are about as big as St. Bernard dogs and live without the mom. The cubs stay with their litter during summer, fall, and winter. When the cubs are two years old they look for their territory. The cub has to make sure it has plenty of food to keep it alive and that there are no adult black bears around. If the cub was taught well it can live up to 15 years.

This is what I imagine what a cubs face looks like.

Brown and Black Bears


During hibernation, the bears lives off its stored fat. Black bears are not true hibernators because they may wake up; if the weather is warm enough it may even leave the den. When the bear wakes up its stomach has shrunk because it has not eaten for a long time. Because they are hungry, they are cranky and grouchy.The bears then proceed to look for food and water, and if it finds no berries it will eat the twig.

Eyesight, hearing, and smelling

Black bears eysight is very poor. To add to that dissadvantage they are color blind and are nearsighted. The advange that they have is their hearing and smelling; which are very good. Usually to get the best sniff the boars and sows stand on their hind legs and sniff into the air. The small, rounf, fuzzy ears do a great job at noticing sounds.

The Purple areas show where black bears are found in the U.S.


Sows-  A female bear.

Boars- A male bear.

Cubs- Name for the young of various animals; black bears included.

Hibernation-  to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormant condition,as bears and certain other animals.

Litter- Group of animal brother and sisters born together.

Territory- Area that an animal live in and often defend from other defend from other animal of the same kind.

Den- Animal home.

Mate-To come together to produce young.


What are female black bears called?

How many cubs are their usually in a litter?

How old can the black bears get to be if taught well?

Brown bears kill humans?

A. Boars

B. Cubs

C. Sows

D. Mate





A.10 years

B.14 years

C.12 years

D.15 years

A. True


Black bears have claws for climbing?