By: Zach Wallat

Malcolm Butler

When Malcolm Brown made the game clinching interception he showed great decisiveness. He had to make a quick decision when he was under a lot of pressure.

Phil Dunphy

Phil Dunphy is known for his stupid decisions in the show Modern Family. In this particular situation, he believes he made a good, quick decision.

Damian Lillard

With only 0.9 seconds left in the game, Damian Lillard hit a buzzer beater three point shot with his team losing by two points and sent his team to the next round of the playoffs. It took great decisiveness to take this shot with so much pressure on him.

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle was faced with a very tough decision. It takes quick and decisive thinking to know what to do in his situation.

Barack Obama

As our president, Barack Obama must be decisive. He needs to be able to make quick decisions in times of distress that can help our country.

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