Chemistry 30 Mobile Apps

Keltey Degenstein

I know that a lot of students are challenged with chemistry. Since this domain is very abstract, most students get the idea that chemistry is much harder then it has to be. The abstract nature of the skills and knowledge students must understand and demonstrate makes learning frustrating. I have focused on looking for apps that may help clarify things for students. These apps are in the form of tools that may help facilitate them to build on these skills and knowledge in fun ways.


Keltey Degenstein

Chem Doodle

Learning to draw molecules, ions and other substances can be a disaster! Science loves rules, however these rules can be hard to grasp. Chem Doodle is a great place to start. Students can learn the rules as they create molecules, noticing how things are bonded (single, double, or triple) or what elements like to bond with another. Students can also look up pre-programmed molecules (like propane) on the app to check how they are doing. Individuals can use this app whenever and wherever,  unlike drawing with a pen and paper. This app will efficiently help facilitate the skills to draw chemical compounds, and users can use it for free as a guest.

Khan Acadamy

Khan Academy has exploded with great videos for individuals trying to learn. This app is so wonderful because it covers everything from humanities to math to SCIENCE. In the science section you will find several categories, specifically chemistry. From there, students can watch videos that explain everything from stoichiometry to states of matter. This is a good resource for students who are looking to review difficult subject matter, or to prepare for a test. Most students may have seen these videos on YouTube, but this app is a great because it is ad free!

Flash Card

I wanted to include a flashcard maker app for a couple of reasons. First of all, flashcards can be amazing tools to help students differentiate what they don't know from what they do know. Second of all, because making flash cards is not very fun. Flash Card is a great FREE app for students who also find flashcards invaluable in their learning routine. Flash Card allows users to create and save flashcards.  Most importantly, there is a whole database students can pull flashcards from! This means that students can cash in on using flashcards with the added benefit of other individuals opinions added into the mix!

ALSO, students do not need to carry a big bulky pile of flashcards when they want access to them!


Learning the periodic table of elements is a looooong process. Most students will dismiss this task because they have a table accessible to them for the diploma. However, pulling up your sleeves and actually learning the periodic table is something that all chemistry instructors will suggest. Not only will it make using the table easier, but it will help familiarize you with the individual elements and the periodic trends they follow. This app is basically a very user friendly guide to the periodic table that allows students to explore individual elements and several factors of the table. Also, it can be used by students when they need the periodic table to work through assignments.

Stoichiometry Stimulator

Many students have a hard time visualizing the mathematical relationships occurring between the substances in a chemical reaction. This app is $0.99. Students can get a feel for limiting reactants and how they affect product formation, analyze mass relationships and apply this logic when solving stoichiometry problems. The user friendly interface of the “Simulator” allows students to quickly set the desired reactant masses and run multiple trials in a short period of time. A nice feature is the “My Trials” , students can view past trials, make comparisons, or plan future trials.

Teachers could use this app to ask students to explore chemical reactions. Ask students to use the simulator to quickly generate their own practice problems. Set up the masses, run the trial, record the results. Or ask students to use one or more of the amounts you could predetermined to set up a variety of problems…the best part is you’ll already know the answer!

I believe this app is unlike the others because teachers can really get student involvement and engagement up by setting up some of the activities already suggested.

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