The Theory Of Negative SEO, How To Defend Your Website From Negative SEO

Since that time Google unveiled the Penguin revise back April 2012, the actual SEO community provides discussed the actual influence regarding black hat SEO, a new process by which competitor can point thousands or perhaps a great act of bad backlinks, links at the site using the purpose regarding causing trouble for natural and organic search engine rankings or perhaps entirely getting rid of a site by Google's list (Search Engine).

Negative SEO –

Negative SEO means when somebody else does all the wrong things or unnatural process to attempt to harm your website. It works as a villain of your site that play malicious action takes in order to loss competitor or another site’s ranking. Negative SEO attacks in different ways:

  • Hacking your website
  • Copying your content and distributing it all over the internet
  • By Creating fake social profiles
  • By Building Crappy links
  • Irrelevant Keywords in Google Analytics:
  • Fake Reviews - Fake reviews can damage the reputation. So you should keep an eye on the reviews.
  • Comments in low quality blogs

Does Negative SEO Really work?-

Effects of Negative SEO seem very rare. We have seen some friends or our high ranking clients those are affected by negative SEO. In most of cases, they did not get any major impact or changes in their overall ranking, but if there is any particular keyword are targeted by negative SEO then it occurs a problem and down our rank and traffic.

How You analyze that your site is hunting to Negative SEO

When you come under the effect of negative SEO then you lose your ranking. In the beginning you really started getting out of their way to have problems and it delivered some interesting effects, none of which were a monumental fall in rankings. There is a no. of spammers those who are works on negative SEO, pointing hundred or more than this malicious links to your blog or website. There are some different ways to analyze negative SEO:

Backlink Profiles – Negative SEO is mostly done off-site. There is a no. of tools to monitor your website backlinks:

One of them is Ahref – is a good tool, you just signup for a free account & using Site Explorer if you see like below graph: Read more..

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