Giving Resources to the Community

Dr. Jerome Abrams is certainly a man who believes in making a difference in his community. Dr. Abrams has a lengthy history of volunteering and donating his resources to various organizations in his community. Being involved in the community is something that Abrams believes every person should do if they want to help make the area around their home a cleaner, safer, and friendlier place overall to live.

The Dover Children’s Theatre is one of the many places to which Dr. Jerome Abrams has donated his time. For more than ten years Dr. Abrams was a volunteer of the organization serving in a variety of positions, including the lighting director for many productions put on at the Children’s Theatre as well a board member. Dr. Jerome Abrams was a part of the building of a community playground. He, amongst others, was the spearhead of the building of the Piccadilly Castle in Dover.

The Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing was another organization that was pleased to have Dr. Jerome Abrams joins their cause. For this organization, Dr. Abrams was a volunteer and serves as a board member. The men’s homeless shelter began in 2008 as a shelter for men who were in need of a place to sleep on the coldest nights of the year. However, there is not always enough bed space for all of the homeless men in the city. Many find themselves left on the outside looking in, which is why Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing is always accepting volunteers like Dr. Jerome Abrams who are willing to help in any way they can.

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