Solid Control System Maintenance

Centrifugal pump refers to the entire mining process oil, coal, natural gas and other energy sources, and the use of wells, remove mud, exploring landmarks such as the general term for all of the professional tools used by the tool, namely solid control system. According to solid control system professionals tips, solid control system includes dredging system, oil drilling mud solids control systems, drilling mud gas layer essence system, shield mud purification system, these systems play a pivotal role in industrial production, disaster relief and municipal construction. Therefore, depend on solid control system professionals tips, we should focus on its routine maintenance Eight steps we should take:

(1) Establish a regular maintenance schedule. Check of equipment on time and check whether the motor, clutch, transmission-belt, door gasket and locking systems and soapbox, water and steam valves and other aspects is normal.

(2) On basis of solid control system professionals tips, programs are critical to ensure the normal operation of the device, which requires regular maintenance of its electronic controls. In addition to the use, electronic control panels and doors should be kept closed. When cleaning with a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean electronic components integrated on all fluff and dust. In addition, solid control system professionals tips should pay attention to cut the feed tube.

(3) When install the device, you need to check whether the bolt, nut, screw are tightened. According to solid control system professionals tips, during the device uses process also requires this step, because if screws, nuts don’t tightened will not only result in unnormal operation of the equipment, may also cause serious accidents.

(4) During routine maintenance, solid control system professionals tips also recommends that all computers valves must be regularly cleaned and cleaning intervals may vary depending on the solvent and conditions of service. Typically the initial time of equipment, frequency of cleaning of slightly less, but needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt clogging after a period of time.

(5) In addition, solid control system professionals tips that door is a safe design and do not operate the equipment when door exists defect. Therefore, regular inspection door lock system is working properly, the use of solid control system is very important, can reduce the probability of accidents occur as well.

(6) Check all the wires every once in a while, connectors, piping, valves, if the pipeline leaks, fragmentation, etc., should be replaced or repaired immediately, this is one of solid control system professionals tips, users should learn.

(7) Don’t add oil on the card program's gear, oil absorption will cause the gear stick dust clogging.

(8) Check all moving parts are clean, which also solid control system professionals tips focus. Check whether the reclosable lid once time a day.

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