Panic Disorder

What is it?
Panic disorder can be described as a strong fear and anxiety that causes panic attacks without reason.

Did you know?
1 out of 75 people suffer from this disorder?

How to know if I have it?
A sign to be aware of it fear of future panic attacks. Having one or two is normal, but having more than that coupled with the fear of having them is an indication you may have a panic disorder.

Some Questions People Suffering May Have

  • What treatments exist to treat your mental illness?
  1. Specialists tend to use Behavioral and Cognitive therapies to help treat their intense panic. There is also the possibility that medication might be helpful in some cases.
  • How can people get help for the treatment of your mental illness?
  1. People can get help by contacting a panic disorder specialist to help them work through their problems. The most important part is to reach out and actually seek help.
  • What resources are available to help gain knowledge about your mental illness?
  1. There are many online resources along with the library. A informational website would be which stands for "American Psychological Association".


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