Cherry Myung & Jane Lee Period 3

We experimented mathematically when we started making unique designs and shapes. We would change the equations if it didn't fit our concept of a floral garden. For example, we tried adding the different types of limacons, but they were a little too dull, so we decided to change them into circles and lemniscates. We also altered the graphs of some of the circles to fit on the graph. Some other ways we experimented mathematically was by using Desmos to graph our graphs. By using this calculator we were able to see the general look of our graph and recognize anything that didn't match our idea of a "Floral Garden."

While we were completing this assignment we learned several different things about graphs. First, we were able to write an equation just by looking at the graph. There were also many opportunities for us to be creative wit the designs we made. Since there were 4 different types of graphs-limacon, rose, circle & lemniscate- we had many chances to think outside the box and see beyond the cliche and typical graphs. We also had the chance to express our computer skills by using online sites such as Desmos and Tackk.

This assignment was very original and interesting. We both had a lot of fun  drawing many different graphs. We had the opportunity to experiment freely and be creative about the graphs we were assigned to draw.  Through this we also got to bond together and divide all the work. Not only was this work fun, but we were able to learn about the lesson & all the different types of graphs. Hopefully this project will be continued throughout the future!

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