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Campus History and Origin

Southwestern medical school was formed in 1943 and has grown from a small wartime medical college into UT Southwestern Medical Center. Under the leadership of the late Edward Cary and Karl Hoblitzelle, they created the Southwestern Medical Foundation in 1939. When Baylor University decided to move its school of medicine from Dallas to Houston in 1943, the Foundation officially made Southwestern Medical College the 68th medical school in the United States.

The 1950s brought growth and change to the Medical School. In 1951 the Texas Legislature approved funds to construct the school's first permanent building, which was occupied in 1955, alongside the Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The College was operated by the Southwestern Medical Foundation from 1943 until August 31, 1949. On September 1 of that year, Southwestern joined the University of Texas System, and its name changed to Southwestern Medical School. After the another name change from UT Health Science Center at Dallas in 1972, the campus adopted its present name in 1987.

Fight Song

The University of Texas Medical center does not have a fight song since it does not have its own sports arena or even its own sports team.

Admission Requirements

Percentage of candidates admitted: 21%

Some type of medical training is recommended

Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in science and overall undergraduate course work.

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test): score of 34 out of 45 possible points

Tuition Cost

Campus Life: Multicultural Awareness Week

On each day of Multicultural Awareness Week, a noon lecture series will showcase cultural awareness. The crown jewel of the event is the Celebration of Cultures which is a food extravaganza and cultural performance show. There are amazing dance performances that will highlight various countries as well as a fashion show. The event is held in the Student Center gym and is open to the campus community.

Job Description


Dermatologists specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating skin diseases and conditions.  Some dermatologists also perform procedures to improve the appearance of skin, such as decreasing signs of aging or improving skin tone. They may also perform minor surgeries, such as removing legions, warts or moles. A huge part of a dermatologist's job is educating their patients on the treatment and prevention of skin conditions.

Annual Salary: $262,500

Job Requirements

In order for someone to become a dermatologist, they must complete the following:

  1. College, earning a bachelor's degree.
  2. Medical school, becoming a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO).
  3. Must have some type of dermatology training
  4. Attend a dermatology residency program, at least 3 years.'
  5. Acquire formal certification in the field.

College Advertisement


Eimy Torres-Gardon
12345 Cupcake St.
El Paso, TX 79938
(915) 123-4567


I am dedicated in learning more about the human body and the skin. I am currently working as a dermatologist assistant, and am hoping for a full time job as a dermatologist. I am highly motivated with a broad experience in skin health.


Dermatologist assistant [8/04]

  • I worked at skin solutions as a part time dermatologist assistant were I worked with both adults and kids. My role was to examine specimens under a microscope and determine the nature of some the diseases.
  • I also was required to communicate effectively in order to be able to discuss the skin’s condition and provide different solutions to the patients.
  • As well as communicating I was expected to be able to prescribe and administer medications as well as develop treatment plans for the skin’s conditions.

Lab Director [1/04 to 9/04]

  • As well as working as a dermatologist assistant, I worked as a lab director in EH Laboratories. During this job I gained the ability to be very organized since one of the requirements of this job was to document different information found while testing.
  • It also taught how to lead others in the right path. I was expected to guide others when experimenting and testing.
  • While working as a lab director I was taught to be more creative. It enabled me to provide new solutions in order to continue the improvement and growth of different departments.


The University of Texas Medical Center [8/18 to 9/25]


I have had vast experience in evaluating and treating a wide variety of skin conditions and diseases. I have also gained great communication and interpersonal skills. I have learned from many experiences how to be flexible and be able to effectively adapt to changes that might present themselves while in a working environment. I have a wide range of knowledge in skin disorders and the latest treatment options for different skin conditions.

Cover Letter

Bryan Yu

Skin Solutions

1512 Crescent Rd. Neptune, NJ 07753

May 18, 2015

Good day Bryan,

I am applying for the position of a dermatologist assistant at Skin Solutions. I have graduated from The University of Texas Medical Center earning a Bachelor's degree in dermatology. I believe that i have the experience needed to complete the job.

Right now I am working as a Lab Director at NE Health Laboratories in Dallas, Texas.This has allowed me to conduct many experiments as well as helping others to understand the integumentary system. I am responsible for making sure that all the regulations and goals are met.

As well as being a lab director, I have also worked in my local hospital as a nurse. I was responsible for being able to diagnose and treat different skin conditions found in children. This has enabled me to communicate more effectively with patients and have a better understanding about the importance of helping others. I also was expected to prescribe medications to patients with certain skin conditions.

I would like to be able to help others as well as express my knowledge in dermatology. It is my dream to be able to help others as well as experience more opportunities that will better prepare to contribute to others I would appreciate an interview and hope to hear from you soon.


Eimy Torres

98 Pancake Street

Flamingo Dr., TX 79938


Letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I sincerely recommend that the candidate, Eimy G. Torres, receive the position of a dermatologist assistant. I believe that Eimy has excelled in their field of study and is more than capable of fulfilling the task of a dermatologist assistant.

Eimy has participated in various programs to allow her to obtain an in depth understanding of this field. Said programs that pertain to the biological study of the skin, has improved their yearning to participate on the field and to, get a detailed glance into the career of a professional dermatologist. Eimy has aided in countless people’s lives with their condition of skin health and skin care regimens. With an adept knowledge of the skin and all of the subcategories that it involves, Eimy’s professional skill will only continue grow and thrive as they continue study the field of dermatology and biology. Eimy’s skill set does not only include that of this field, but also contains the knowledge and principles of the arts such as painting, drawing, and writing, which all contribute to a creative mindset and a determination to accomplish various tasks.

In the highest honour that I have for Eimy, I highly recommend that they obtain this position to further their professional and academic career and allow them to fulfill their aspiration of becoming a dermatologist. To discuss information concerning the recruiting of a new employee and/or discuss any other vital parts of this occupation, please contact me at (915)-397-4190 or at


Bryan A. Yu

Biology Department Chair

PLTW Human Body systems Teacher

Pebble Hills High School

El Paso, TX 79938

(Tel): 915-546-7386


Persuasive Essay

I have always been interested in science and have come to the realization that that is my passion. I have done very well in middle school and high school in all subjects and have taken many classes pertaining to science such as biomedical and biology. I believe that I deserve to attend the University of Texas Medical Center because I am persistent when it comes to reaching my goals and I am able to overcome obstacles to get where I need to be,

I have learned that in order to achieve success, you have to be able to bounce back when things don’t go according to plan. Moments like these can lead to a reduced sense of confidence and self-esteem making you feel bad about yourself. It is human nature to take the easy way out than to take on the challenge of trying again. I am proud to say that I am not one of those people who give up after the first try. I discovered that those who try again and again to reach a goal have a greater chance of obtaining something of real meaning and value in their life. Throughout school, I have always been persistent in having good grades. Whenever I had anything lower than what was considered an A, I was determined to do anything to get that grade up. I would stay after school, ask for extra credit assignments, retake tests and basically do everything possible in order to get an A. My persistence has helped me achieve a high grade point average and has helped me gained the confidence I need in order to believe in myself.

As well as being persistent I am also able to overcome obstacles that are presented in my life as I go through school and other major events in my life. I have always believed the famous saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. While most obstacles are not actually enough to kill you, they can be very difficult and can take a toll on your life.Being able to overcome obstacles has prepared me for the future and the real world. I have overcome obstacles many times in my life especially when it comes to school. There are times when many projects or assignments are given around the same time or with the same deadlines. I do whatever I can to finish those assignments, even if it means not going out with friends, or staying up late. What i have done in the past are things such as making a list of what needs to be done and how important it is. regardless of its deadline or its importance I have always found a way to finish all my assignments.

While science can be about many different aspects of the world and how things are supposed to work, it is also about the person who decides to take an interest in it. To learn about science is to discover new things, and that can mean many obstacles and difficult tasks ahead. I have learned that in order to be able to pursue and education in science, you must be determined to face anything and everything to reach your goal.

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