Act 2, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3.

Act 2, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3. Is Romeo insane?! I heard that Romeo was in the garden inside our house last night! Romeo is one of the Montagues!! How dare he come into our house garden and even talk with my daughter Juliet? He would me dead if I saw him at the moment. I also heard that Romeo and Juliet is getting married!! Everything is going crazy. I can’t believe my daughter Juliet made a choice to marry Romeo. She made a bad decision. I can’t imagine what will happen in future. I told her to marry with Paris, who I think is very intelligent, faithful, and even handsome. I agree with the phrase that says there are no parents who win their own children. I think nurse is helping Juliet to help with getting married with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is also allowing them to have marriage for the peace between the two houses. How is Romeo and Juliet’s marriage matter with the two houses?! I can’t understand. I realized that there are no one to believe in our house. Even the nurse, who I believed the most have betrayed our house. I’m really upset. I think I have to have some rest.

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2 years ago

@danielseo Are you out of mind? How dare you come to our house and talk to Juliet? You will be killed if you get caught by our house guards. Don't you ever come to our house again. 😱