Things That Happens at Every Music Festival

Going to a music festival, there are lots of crowd, enjoy, entertainment, anger, happiness and despair. For the music, for the food, for some possibility that you will lose yourself in a sweaty sea, where number of things happens in any music festival.
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- You will wake up on Day One, before doing any process starts, fueled and energized by the hope and promise of an alcohol-fueled musical expertise which will possibly positively modification your life.

-You arrives at any music festival with all your hopes and dreams after fully get checked your bags in an appropriate time.

-Before you create it to the doorway, a lady woman who’s had an excessive amount of drink can pass out cold directly before of you. The time will be 12:30 in the afternoon.

-You will enter in the music festival and a large sound will hear to you as the beat of "Shots" playing. Maintaining the distance constant, urging your body with mind hunter oblivion.

-You will pass through 20 people wearing the exact same dresses and outfits like you. You will happy to see there with some friends. In some of them will not be your friends. And will not want to share your thinking as friendly.

-You will see girls and woman whose high-waisted denim shorts square measure force therefore high higher than their belly buttons, they’ve exposed everything of what solely may be delineate as their aggressive butt cleavage.

-You will see around 200 men near about you with nipple rings. You will not get absolutely information or explanation for them.

-You will see girls and women wearing any combination of dresses and outfits: a neon tank top, high-waisted denim shorts, Converse sneakers, rings and bracelets, and sandals etc.
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