Ethan Kincaid

Map of Mesopotamia

First system of writing

They've invented many useful inventions

     The Mesopotamia people were in advanced in one way because they were the first to do many things. For instance, they invented the wheel, plow, and the sewer! They were even the first group to have a system of writing. They even had laws. All these are reasons they are advanced in many different ways.

They built walls around their cities

     They built walls around their cities to prevent enemies out of the cities. This was advanced because if they didn't have walls the enemy could just bust right into the city and take over. These walls prevented this. Without the walls a civilization wouldn't last more than a month. It was important to prevent enemies from taking over.

They had irrigation

     This is important to keep your crops and animals watered. It was also kept the people hydrated. They used this water for many different things. They used the water to wash things as well. These things include: dishes, animals, pots, pottery, etc.

This is irrigation

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