He needs our help!

A great opportunity for everyone to get to know Beth better, make Ed uncomfortable, and eat some Ethiopian food for probably the first time in your life.

Start time: ~8:45 pm Thursday (leave church ~8:15pm [20-30min drive])

Carpooling is probably a good idea. If you would like to drive for people you can find your passengers or let me know and I can find people to ride with you. If you would like a ride let me know and I will help find you a ride.

I'd also like to be somewhat prepared to tell the restaurant how many people to expect. So, if you are planning on coming please let me know.

The approximate cost for this cultural experience of a lifetime... $10.00 per person.

Be ready to roll up your sleeves, eat with the utensils GOD gave you, and have a good time hanging out with Ed and Beth.

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