Computer Graphics & Animation

Session 1

In session 1 we started of by taking our pre-test. We also produced a stop-motion animation. We used bendable items to create our animation. We later made these stop-motion animation pictures into a movie.

Session 2

In this session we used the camera to take two pictures that we did many things to. We  added the morphing effect to the pictures we took.

Session 3

In session 3 we used the animation software to start creating a animated movie. We entered many primitive objects into the scene to make it look good. We also used many tools to align and adjust the objects to make them perfect..

Session 4

In Session 4 we continued to work on our animated movie. This session taught us to apply shaders to primitive objects. We made our animated objects move for our scenes in our movie. In the end we test rendered our movie.

Session 5

In session 5 we continued to work on our animated movie.  We learned to use modifiers to make jack look better.  We added more objects to our scene with jack. After that we test rendered the animation again.

Session 6

In Session 6 we created a 3-D text and added movement to it. We later rendered the 3-D text. We began to make our final animiation project.

Session 7

In Session 7 we Started of by taking our post test. After that we finished the storyboard design of our final animation project. Then we finished constructing our final 3-D project.

Career field in Computer Graphics and Animation

An animator produces multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together rapidly create an illusion of movement known as animation. The images can be made up of digital or hand-drawn pictures, models or puppets. Animators tend to work in 2D animation, 3D model-making animation, stop frame or computer-generated animation. Computer-generated animation features strongly in motion pictures, as well as in aspects of television work, the internet and the computer games industry. The basic skill of animation still relies heavily on the animator's artistic ability, but there is an increasing need for familiarity with technical computer packages.