Entertainment Marketing Final Project

By Robbie Whitney

Evaluate a Movie Poster

Overall this is a very good movie poster for "The Blind Side". In many ways it grabs your attention, gives you a pretty good idea about what the movie is about, and makes people get an urge to go and see the whole movie in the theaters.

This poster does a great job of grabbing someone's attention. For example, the whole poster is a very large image of one of the more important scenes in the movie. The image is somewhat shocking because it is a small, white woman walking alongside a very large, black boy who appears to be in school still. There is also very large text at the bottom and top of the poster. They do a good job of making the important text bold. It easily could attract fans of Sandra Bullock because her name is right next to the title, and both the title and her name are in a very large text. I also think it was important to make the phrase "Based on the Extraordinary Story" stand out because the majority of people are enticed to see a movie that was based on real life events. Color scheme adds a really nice touch to this poster. Contrasting colors are all over the poster, not only between the bright blue sky and the dark shadows hovering over the green grass, but also between the skin colors of both of the people walking toward the football stadium. An average person just walking on the street would definitely stop and take a look at this unique and interesting movie poster about "The Blind Side".

I think that this poster definitely gives you a good idea of what the movie is about. Sandra Bullock is an iconic character who represents a loving but also strict mother for the troublesome teenage boy. The large boy walking with her in football pads lets you know that the movie incorporates football to relate both of these characters. It's also easy to tell that the movie was based on something that previously happened because of the saying "Based on the Extraordinary Story". I can also guess that the woman somehow helps the boy because they don't look like they are related but she has her hand on his back guiding him towards the field. Figuring out what the movie is basically about isn't very difficult if you take a look at this poster.

The way that this poster is designed would make people want to see this movie in the theaters. It sort of gives the audience an idea of what its about, as I previously explained in the last paragraph, but it also leaves room for the people to imagine what the ending will be. When I look at the poster I tend to wonder how the boy does in football and how the woman helps him to achieve success. The scene that is depicted on "The Blind Side" poster takes a screenshot of the boy before he starts his football career. This makes me wonder if he ever makes it to the NFL. Enticing people to see the movie is not a problem with this poster.

Overall, I think that this is an excellent movie poster. It definitely would grab a random person's attention just walking on the street because it has a lot of contrasting colors and bold text. It also gives you a good idea that this is a movie about football and helpfulness but it leaves you to wonder if he ever makes it big in his career.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

1.) I believe that the most important marketing strategy for movie promotion is to create a movie website. There is so many ways for fans to interact with other on the website. They can watch a bunch of trailers, chat with others in forums about the movie, play games that relate to the movie, and they can pre-order tickets for the movie. I think its important to be able to interact on the website because the fans will feel like they are appreciated and be more likely to go and watch the movie. If fans are able to watch trailers on the movie, they will be more excited to see the end or climax of the whole thing in theaters. I personally love watching trailers. Also, it's important for fans to be able to talk to other fans about the movie because they can get each other more enthusiastic about the movie and hopefully they will talk to their friends about it. Games are enjoyable for the fans because they like having an experience that relates to the movie. They can also just have a fun way to know more about the movie instead of reading an article. Finally, if movie websites make it available for fans to purchase tickets they will allow more tickets to be sold. Many people will also buy tickets on impulse if they have the chance. Movie websites are essential when promoting movie.

2.) Another important aspect of promoting movies is to have a twitter page for the movie and for the actors. The page for the movie can post videos about the movie and the actors. This way fans can learn more about the movie and get excited to actually see it for themselves. They can also give little bits of information out to everyone on twitter if they pay for the tweets. Many people all over twitter will be exposed to the movie and hopefully want to learn more about it. Also getting people to follow the page is immensely important. People who follow the page can learn exclusive content about the movie that they wouldn't know otherwise if they didn't follow the page. Finally, the page can encourage fans to use hashtags that allow other people to figure out about the movie. Tons of people can hear about the movie this way. Overall, using a social media account on twitter can create a connection to the fans and hopefully make fans want to see the film.

3.) Finally, I think the 3rd most important aspect to promoting a film is having a Vine, Instagram, and YouTube page. Instagram pages are starting to pop up and they allow the movie to show sweet photos from the film and behind-the-scenes. This would be exclusive content that the fans wouldn't be able to see without following the movie's account. I also think it's important to have a Vine and/or Youtube account. Showing trailers to the movie is very important and this is an excellent way to do that. I personally enjoy watching the trailers the most before I actually see the movie. I think this is very effective when getting people exposed to the film and having a Vine or Youtube account is a super easy way to get the videos out to the public. Being able to show behind-the-scenes photos and videos on Instagram, Vine, and YouTube is a great way to promote a movie.

Evaluate a Movie Trailer

I had high expectations for the movie trailer of "The Blind Side", but I was a little disappointed after watching it. It's not an awful trailer but it's not great either; it's somewhere a little above average. It did use a lot of clips from the first 1/3 of the movie, but it also had some towards the end of the movie. They successfully added clips to appeal to football players and sports people in general, but it didn't really tease the plot line to well. It did seem like an inspiring movie based on the clips, but they didn't really highlight the climax to well. I'm not even sure what the climax really is. I would probably give this trailer an overall grade of a B-.

They makers of this trailer really fell short on teasing the plot line but leaving us wanting more. It almost feels like they are showing the most important parts of the whole movie and letting you know everything about the movie. I felt like I didn't need to actually see the movie in theaters and I saw it all in about two and a half minutes. They probably should have left out some of the scenes from the end of the movie to leave us wanting to see it in theaters.

I was disappointed in the clip in that it didn't show really any of the climax. I'm not even really sure if the movie actually has a climax after seeing the trailer. I've seen the movie and I thought the climax was when he goes off to college finally and there wasn't a lick of information about that scene. They should have definitely shown part of the climax to keep the audience entertained.

I do give them credit for showing clips that appeal to the target audience and clips that show that the movie is inspiring. In my opinion the target audience would be football fans or sports fans in general. This is because it is based on a football players journey through high school to the NFL. They show him actually practicing football with the team and eventually being able to play in a real game and drill the other players. They do an excellent job of inspiring the audience members who watch this trailer. The film can really touch people's hearts and make them want to go out and help others in the world. It also made me want to go out and excel at the sports that I am playing. They did an immensely good job at putting in clips that are inspiring and appeal to sports fans.

"The Blind Side" movie trailer really hit the target on some of clips but also failed on many other things. They showed some inspiring clips, but also failed to give us some insight on the climax. They showed some clips from the beginning of the movie but also a lot at the end. Finally, they appealed to their target audience pretty well, but didn't leave us wanting to see the rest of the movie very well. This movie trailer was a "so-so" in promoting the actual movie.

Important Aspects for Artists to Remember When Building Their Careers

Probably the most important thing for artists to do is make music that their audience members will enjoy. They need to be do whatever they can to figure out what people like and what they don't, whether that be researching on the internet, checking social media sites, or just plain out taking polls and asking people what they enjoy. If artists don't make music that someone will like, they are bound to fail in the music career.

After the artists make their music, they have to get it out for the people to hear it. In order to do this, they must upload their music to websites that allow people to discover them. They don't even need to make money on the websites, just as long as people can see their music. An excellent site is SoundCloud, a website that allows artists to share music with other artists and get there feedback. I think that this is important because not only can the artists get their music to the public, but they can improve their music by getting feedback and ways to make it sound better from other artists. These artists know the position that you are in also, which could really help you. Overall, just getting your music to any website that allows others to hear and see your name can really boost your career.

Social Media is slowly becoming one of the most popular and effect ways for artists to become popular. Everyone is on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and it would be smart for artists to get on these websites. They can promote their websites on these social media outlets and interact with their fans. Interacting with your fans and making them feel important is vital when you want them to buy your music. It's also super easy to promote your actual website or websites that have your music on the social media outlets. You can easily post your links and/or have the fans use hash tag to let others know about their songs. Using social media is a must nowadays if you want people to know about your music.

Artists also need to play live shows to gain more fans. You can truly gain relationships with the audience when you perform concerts. I personally love going to concerts because I feel like I am up close in personal with the artist I truly enjoy. They can also have their friends come along and hopefully expand the whole fan base. First, you may have to start off in small venues, but eventually you can move into larger venues if you make the concerts memorable and enjoyable for everyone. If you make your concerts an awesome experience for the fans, you are guaranteed to expand your popularity and hopefully overall success.

Finally, artists need to stay active in social media and not be forgotten between concerts and albums. During your concerts you should promote your social media and music accounts so the fans have a place to go to between concerts to stay interested with your stuff. You need to stay active on Twitter though and not just promote the music. I hate when I'm following a celebrity and all I see is them wanting me to buy their album or merchandise and go to their concert or game. It doesn't make me feel like I have a personal relationship with them; it only makes me feel like another fan that's blowing my money to them. They should interact with the fans and talk to them over the web. The most important thing to remember is to have a personal relationship with the fan base. This way you won't be forgotten in between shows or albums.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Amusement and Theme Parks

1.) I think a very smart idea to make more money for a theme park is to build a hotel on or near the grounds. This is going to encourage people to stay at the park for multiple days and spend more money. They will also hopefully spend more money at the hotel itself. It would be important for the hotel to offer something that would entice people to stay. They could offer discounts on passes or speed passes to go through the lines quicker. In order to get this money back they could charge extra for staying at the hotel. They could also set up a deal where the person would get free parking for their whole stay at the hotel and theme park. There is multiple ways that amusement parks could build hotels on their grounds and offer deals or discounts to persuade the customers to stay at the hotel.

2.) Partnering with major entertainment properties is key when you want to have more customers. They can appeal to more people and increase their target audience of who would likely go to the park. Many more people would get to know the park also. The theme park could pair up with a popular movie series, Star Wars, for example. They could then create rides and other experience that incorporate characters or scenes from the movies. This way if someone wasn't particularly interested in the theme park but love Star Wars, they would be more likely to go and see what it's all about. There is many other big name companies that the park could pair up with. In order to expand the fan base and overall popularity theme parks should team up with major entertainment properties.

3.) Finally, I think that they should offer some interesting experiences like concerts or contests at the theme park. They could promote concerts for special days and make the fans pay more to go and see the concerts. Also, they could attract fans of the particular band that is playing on a certain day or just music fans in general that like to see a good concert. They also could have contests for certain sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc. That way they could get more fans that enjoy sports. It's also an easy way to make a lot of money from people fast. Every time I go to Valley Fair I see that they have an allotted area for a 3-point contest for basketball. Sometimes I decide to sit and watch some people who participate in the contest. The winners can receive a jersey or some cool price and usually the person who is participating will try the contest 2 or 3 times before they give up. This really makes it easy for the theme park to rack up money at the contest. It's important to have a variety of experiences available to the fans at the theme park. This will get more people to come out and enjoy a day at the park and hopefully spend more money their. When building an amusement or theme park you should definitely include experiences like concerts or contests.

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