Christmas Cards

Like #1

I absolutely adore this card due to the fact that there’s a dog in it, and I also really like the way the words were placed… like a Christmas tree.

Like #2

I love the simplicity of the card because it looks elegant and filled with joy, and it doesn't look dull.

Like #3

The thing that I like about this card is that the front of it is Santa Claus.

Like #4

I really enjoy the glam effect this card gives out with the glitter because it makes it non-stale.

Like #5

I like the different fonts used in this card, and how all the words represent Christmas in a way.

Like #6

The first thing that caught my attention on this card was the cute little reindeers, and if you look close enough you can see that the reindeers are made out of fingerprints.

Like #7

THIS CARD IS DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE ONE! I love how they involved rock & roll with Santa Claus and how he looks mainstream.

Like #8

Although this card doesn’t have a lot of colors involved, it looks very elegant.

Like #9

I really like how they used different fonts and how they put the words inside the Christmas ornament.

Like #10

My favorite decoration on this card is the different designs of the Christmas stockings and how they are the only things to focus on.

Hate #1

I don’t like the type of drawing used, and I think they should’ve used more vivid colors to make the card stand out.

Hate #2

I don’t like looking at this card because the colors have NOTHING to do with Christmas, and the tree has a different quality than the background. I think they should improve in their color choice more than anything.

Hate #3

I don’t like the fact that there’s too much going on in this card. It makes is difficult for me to focus on one thing. The characters placed on the card look cartoonish and the background looks like a painting. I believe they should improve their font color and size, so it is easier for the audience.

Hate #4

I hate this card because I hate cats with a passion. The thing that should be improved in this card is removing the cat and maybe adding something that has to do with Christmas.

Hate #5

I don’t like this card because everything is red and difficult to focus on simply one thing. I think they should change the color of the ornaments maybe to a green to make them pop out, and maybe deleting the heart “mist” on the background.

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