Harrison Bergeron connections

By: Eric Johnsen and Noah Conner

Song Connection:

Article Connection:

Malaysian Prime Minister attacking human rights to cover up oppressive laws


     The prime minster of Malaysia believes that human rights could have harmful affects to an Islamic society. Similar to the society in Harrison Bergeron, the government is putting restrictions on the citizens of the country. Also the people in both societies are oppressed and do not have a say in the laws that are affecting them, although in Harrison Bergeron, the people are under the allusion that they do have a voice in the laws that govern them.

Overall Connections:

     Harrison Bergeron, Welcome to the Machine, Fahrenheit 451, and the Malaysian article all have common similarities regarding the society and government. One theme connection would be that all the oppressive governments believe that what they are doing to the people is called for and necessary for a content populace, like in Fahrenheit 451 the government has banned books and basic education because they think people don't want to see the "pores in the face of life"(Bradbury 83). Another connection would be that the people in the societies don't question the government's doing and the agenda in place, so when a radical, like Montag, tries to change things for the better of the people he is seen as the wrongdoer instead of the revolutionist he is, and much like Harrison Bergeron, Montag must "scare the living daylights" out of the oppressed to make a point (Bradbury 98).

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