Rebuilding Athens

Why Athens is better than ever

Athens long ago!

I have made Athens better and I would like you to see it.

We talked about nature, trading ideas about what the natural world was made of and how it worked. I encourage people to question things in life like, What is the good life for a man? What is truth? How do you know? I have gave the people of Athens a greater purpose to argure and debate.  This helped open up our democrocy, voting/ all citzens are allowed  to vote, and this started the base of American goverenment today.


We thought that the gods controlled illnesses and that they were punishment so they did not know the natural causes for illnesses. Hippocrates changed our way of thinking about sickness with a scientific way to explain it. We observe the sun, moon, and stars. Hipparchus studied and named more than 850 stars. His theories allowed later scientists to accurately predict eclipses of the moon. We, the greeks, identified many types of plants and named their parts. We discovered that some plants are used for medicine.



  • The greeks looked for logical answers to nature’s mysteries. Pythagoras started a school to teach students mathematical theories so that we would understand. We are extremely fascinated by geometry. We used geometry to figure out how much seed to buy for planting a field or how to lay out a city. Latitude and longitude are being devoloped.


  • Temples are built for the gods to dwell instead of worship. There are 3 new colounms, Dorotic, Corinthian and Ionic. They are on buildings like, government buildings, schools, churches, libraries, and museums. Greek styles are still used today.


The greeks prized sports and had healthy bodies because of it. Athletic events were put on in honor of gods and goddesses. The olympic games is one of the most popular. If someone won the games they were crowned with leaves and given pots filled with olive oil. Pentalon means “five contests”greeks invented this event to test the all around athletic skill. The five are Pankration, boxing, Jumping, Discus throw, and Equestrian events. We have a solemn parade.



  • Going to the theater is part of an everyday life. There are no women actors. Men play all roles. We build a theater in the side of a hill. Plays are usually a competition. Dramatic festivals are popular. People witness tragic and comic plays. We have a rich culture. Banks shut down for days, people will travel from all around to see the drama. This is the golden age of greek drama.

I hope you will come to see what has changed and what is way better!

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