world war two


In the 1940s England fought but England was over whelmed Italy and Germany when they were allies. But Italy didn’t get to fight much cause of Italy was poor sense the Roman Empire when Germany attacked America in 1944. On June 6 1944 America set an invasion on the cost of France because France surrendered to Germany. But Germany knew that the invasion was coming they built bunkers, antitank guns and trenches it was like a little boys best play set but Hitler was setting the stage . But America didn’t just attack Omaha beach they also attacked Utah then Britain attack gold beach and sword the Canadians attacked Juno beach. One American wrote; from one thousand yards off into the red beach I see several companies one six infantry on easy red and fox red beaches enemy artillery and machine gun fire still effective  in December 1944 Hitler ordered his last desperate offensive in Ardennes to gather enough troops old men and young boys were mobilized the attack was a complete   surprise to the allies  and the Germans made an internal   break though yet the battle of the bulge was doomed to fail though flack of fuel and bullets . By the end of January 25 there were 75,000 us and 100,000 German casualties. When the Russian began their next eastern offense in January 1945                                          

fun fact Many American soldiers died or wounded during the invasion