Anti-Bullying Posters

Batman-Signal an Adult and Stop Bullies

This poster is very visually appealing and eye-catching. Space is used uniformly and appropriately. Many people are Batman fan(atic)s so this poster resounds on a more personal level. It is one of the few that people will actually remember and appreciate. The poster art is appropriately proportional and the lines are very sharp and clear. Both foreground figures are outlined in a thin border of white, which causes the figures to stand out against the background more. The poster space is used uniformly, the poster is artistic, and the message is clear: when you or someone you know is being bullied, signal for an adult (such as batman) to come take care of the bully.


This poster is able to convey bountiful meanings in a minimal and simple yet elegant design. The space is used uniformly. It clearly conveys the message of coexistence between religions, beliefs, and genders. The poster is accented by a frame of puzzle pieces, symbolizing the unity of all. The word itself--"Coexist"--is built out of various symbols for different religions, beliefs, and genders. It is one of the few posters that sticks out from the rest.

Bullying Is Not Cool

Although this poster is colorful and the space is used uniformly, it's very ineffective. It's plain and simple message is clear, but it doesn't stand out from any other posters. It took very minimal artistic ability to complete this poster and it is obvious that not a lot of thought went into this poster. It is too bland and just not attention-grabbing. Although the colors may catch your eye, the art and message are lost and it becomes just another poster hanging on the wall. Easily ignored.

Seniors Lead

The space on this poster is not used uniformly. Much of the space is wasted. The colors, words, and lines are all very blurry and hard to be seen from afar. Many of the words cannot be made out until you either get very close to the poster or take a photo and edit the lighting so that you can (sort-of) see the picture. It's very simple and plain. The message is not clear, but can be interpreted to be "stop bullying, rumors, etc." and that seniors lead by example. The idea that is presumably behind this poster is that by pushing seniors to stop bullying, they can lead the rest of the grades by example. The entire poster is a catastrophe and it is evident that little effort went into this poster.

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