There are 2 types of energy, kinetic energy and potential energy. Along with the different types of energy, there are also different forms of energy. Use the pneumatic device Mrs. G Chen to help remember the different forms of energy.









Energy Transformations

Electrical Energy to Mechanical Energy

For the blow dryer to work, it has to have an electrical source. So the pug owner had to plug the blow drying into a power outlet. Electricity travels to the blow dryer by the wires (electrical energy). When the owner turns on the blow dryer it releases warm air (heat energy).

Chemical Energy to Radiant Energy

Inside the Batman signal there are batteries, wires, and a light bulb. The battery contains chemical energy. The chemical energy transforms into electrical energy when the chemical energy reaches the battery. From then on the wires transfer its electrical energy to the light bulb which then transforms into radiant energy causing the Batman signal to illuminate in the sky.

Heat Energy to Electrical Energy

Hot springs contain heat energy. These springs are used to turn the hot water into steam that powers a turbine which is connected to a generator. When the turbine is moved, the generator collects the energy from it and the energy is then transformed into electricity (electrical energy).

Nuclear Energy to Heat Energy

In Springfield there is a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant contains nuclear energy. Nuclear energy gives off radiation which gives off heat (heat energy).

Mechanical Energy to Sound Energy

As Sean and Morimoto race against each other, their cars are have mechanical energy. While the cars are in motion, it makes noises. This means that the mechanical energy has been transformed into sound energy.

Sound Energy to Electrical Energy

As someone calls Spongebob, the call is carried to him by power lines. Then when the call finally reaches him it starts to ring (sound energy). Then the cell phone requires wires and batteries (electrical and chemical energy) to be able to use it.

Radiant Energy to Electrical Energy

Radiant energy from the sun is absorbed by the solar panels on top of the house. The solar panels are connected to a generator, and from that electricity is created (electrical energy).

Electrical Energy to Radiant Energy

In order for the chandelier to give off light, wires are used to connect the chandelier to an electrical box in the ceiling. The electrical box and wires connected to the electrical box have electrical energy. Whenever the chandelier is turned, it gives off light. As the chandelier gives off light, the electrical energy transforms into radiant energy.

Heat Energy to Mechanical Energy

When using an iron, you have to put water into the iron. Plugging in the iron, makes the water become hot (heat energy). As Iron Man uses the iron it has mechanical energy.

Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy

At first, the guy was standing at the beginning of slip and slide which was potential energy. Then he slid down the slip and slide into the water. When he slid down, the potential energy transformed into kinetic energy because he is now in motion.

Kinetic Energy to Potential Energy

The pandas in this gif are sliding down a slide which is kinetic energy since they are in motion. Whenever the pandas stop at the end of the slide, the energy then transforms into potential energy.

Transferring Energy

When the baseball player hits the baseball, he has kinetic mechanical energy. As the baseball comes into contact with the bat, the energy from the bat is transferred to the baseball.

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