Audio Portfolio of Jacob Phillips-Hague

Hello this portfolio contains some of my work from the past 4 years and walks you though how I go about working and how I came into the world of audio design.

Contact information:

Moblie: 07929022278

Why I enjoy audio work:

I adore how simple or complex one song can be, I enjoy the fact people are moved by music and I always felt music is a powerful form of communication. I wanted to be part of that more than anything, so after looking of ways to get started as the musician I wanted to be as a kid I learnt that it was more complex than picking up a guitar and playing at gigs until someone picked my band up, I decided to make myself known, people had to come to me instead of them finding me. I enjoyed creating music that people enjoyed listening to and talking about I felt a great sense of community and after a while it became more than just messing around with friend I had made myself known in local music scenes and people wanted me to mix their tracks and master their tracks and I felt better than I had when I was performing. I decided to take up designing and engineering music for people as I feel its the best of both worlds in the end, the joys of creating new music and the rush of working with others to bring them a sound they enjoy.

Shown above is the set up I use for producing, mixing and mastering.

This includes: MPK 225 with the Akai MPK Mini positioned above it to the left of that is a Novation launchpad which is arguably one of the most useful bits of kit for the modern producer as it allowed unrestricted creative freedom, not shown is the peavy Bandit 112 amp that is used instead of a monitor speaker this is down to the fact I enjoy the leveling it offers and all the fine tuning that can be done. also not shown is the laptop I use as it is due to be replaced as it is 5 years old. the software used is Ableton 8.2 which is the software I learnt to produce on.


Enter Shikari - A flash flood of colour

Enter Shikari inspired my urge to combine genres after emerging with this mix of Post hardcore meets drum and bass and electronica Enter Shikari left a serious impression on me that "those who dare win" having become very popular in the past 3 years Enter Shikari show that ingenuity goes along way. The post Hardcore genre known for Heavy guitars, almost schizophrenic tempos and heavy and loud vocals and the drum and bass genre known for fast beats faster bass and faster dancing never really seemed the pairing some also describing it as "Putting Jam on Chips" the thought of the two together is off putting at first but it soon draws you in. With their anti-war, anti-government lyrics heavy vocals and bizarre sound Enter Shikari are a serious inspiration to all my works.

Daniel Dumile

MF DOOM has a way with words others dont, his presentation of his lyrics and sampling and the way he puts everything together is something to be admired. Daniel Dumile is a British-born American hip hop artist a man of many names like Madvillain, King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn from his contributions to KMD as Zev his greatest alias was MF DOOM a "Super villain" persona like Viktor Vaughn. He had such a unique style that felt not too far from home people are drawn to his works, his inspirations are very clear but the way he molded them into something so new and fresh astonished first time listeners and DOOM veterans alike, from full blown albums depicting time traveling super villains to his time growing up in New York DOOM has always produced masterworks.

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