Mediterranean Climate (CS)

Shane Nichols

The CS climate is also known as the Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean climate is a Hot Humid moderate climate that has it's dry season in the summer. The summer and winter seasons in the Mediterranean climate are well defined. The three coldest months have an average temperature between -3°C (26.60° F) and 18° C (64.4o° F). The Hottest month of the year has an average temperature of greater than 10° C (50° F). For an area to be defined as Mediterranean it has to have no less than 900 mm of rainfall each year.

This is a beautiful rock formation of the Mediterranean coast.
This is a map of the locations of the Mediterranean climate.

As seen above the Mediterranean climate resides in multiple places from California to Australia, including a few spots in South America along with every country that lies on the Mediterranean sea.

The picture shows mountains in the Mediterranean climate, as seen they are very luscious areas with many crops.

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