Peter Fischer 's Misleading Truth

By Derek Kocur

The flyer of Peter Fischer is an advertisement, to promote Peter Fischer as a supporter of education. The ad is paid for by “ Fischer for Representative.” Which is basically the DFL party. The ad is to be seen as a positive ad, by promoting Fischer’s support for education. By showing pictures of Fischer at Century College with staff, and talking to families at a local park. This ad is 100% about Peter. There isn’t any negative propositions in the ad.

Overall this ad could be very effective for parents, teachers and students. The ad contains so many claims of what Peter has done/support for schools and education. An example of this would he, “ Repaid every penny borrowed from our schools.” There is also the title headings. For example, “ Peter Fischer : Standing up for families” also “ Peter Fischer : Protecting Minnesota’s smartest investment… our students.” These titles are not only about students and schools. The way they are worded, are not only to draw attention but make them emotional as well. With words and phrases such as Protecting, Smartest, Our, and Standing Up For.

The ad as a whole is truthfully misleading, if there can be such a thing. With truthful content taken out of context reshaped and put in an ad.. This can be seen in the section “ Peter Fischer : Standing up for families.” Stating what he’s been apart of and the bills passed to help the community, and taking the credit almost. The ad also has a problem with solid facts. You know of the effects of the bill, but there is every little evidence supporting the claims of the bills. This is a big problem in the fact that the only thing related to a statistic is, “ Increased preschool scholarships for more than 8,000 additional low-income families. This is even concerning because Fischer is the incumbent candidate and these people are suppose to state what he did and how it affected the community with numbers. In all this ad, leans to a misleading ad.

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