PC For A Receptionist

Receptionist is a very important role for several reasons.There are needed for nearly any job like hospitals and hotels.

There role is very straight forward!

-They will meet and speak to people.

-They can direct people to the right places.

-They will have to answer phone calls and right any notes if needed.

-They will also book meetings for people.

The PC Parts For A Receptionist!

Intel Core I3

Inter core I3 would be fantastic to be used because it would run fast and also if they need to upgrade anything then they should have no problem also the jobs that receptionist needs would run fast this us why I recommend the Intel core I3.

Crucial 6GB kit

I recommend this because a 6GB is not too low or too much memory it is about right for receptionist to do their jobs.

Microsoft Office 365

This is the perfect software a receptionist will need for there job because Microsoft office provides everything they need. I recommend this because they will be able to create Power-points which will be useful and also they will be able to create tables on excel.

Microsoft windows 7

This would be good because it is suitable for office work and most people are trained on windows 7 so there is no need on changing it.


This is 100% recommended because it is very fast and effective to stop viruses happening and it can stop and block threats in milliseconds.

Wired Keyboard And Mouse Set (Black)

I recommend this wired keyboard and mouse because it is very easy to set up and it is  very good value for price and it is a good standard set up for a receptionist.

After Feedback From Receptionist

(What I Changed) Logitech Keyboard and Mouse Desktop 

I have changed my keyboard & mouse to a wireless one because after I received feedback from a current receptionist I got told they prefer to use a wireless keyboard & mouse because the wires don't get in the way and it is much easier to set up and use.

(What I Changed) Telephone

After receiving feedback from a current receptionist I have changed my headset to a BT telephone. The reasons why I have changed it because the receptionist said telephones are much better to use compare to a headset because you don't have to wear it all the time so your ears won't hurt and also it is more easier to use because it is more easier to pick up the phone.

(What I Changed)

I have changed my RAM because the receptionist was not happy with the performance by the PC so I have upgraded to a 8GB RAM so now there PC should run much better and even faster and hopefully they should have no more trouble.


Samsung  "21.5" LED-backlit LCD monitor

I recommend this because it's a decent size monitor for a receptionist and it does the job also it is basic. It is not to hard to set up as well so it is all easy to do.

Stereo Headset (Black)

I definitely recommend this because it is a simple head set which a receptionist can use to answer and make calls or to gather information. Also it will be comfy to wear because it has soft ear pads so you won't get any pains also it is cheap and affordable so its a bonus!.

Power Supply

I recommended this because it is very suitable for a receptionist and not to smart will contain all the components you need.


This is very important for a receptionist because they can store all of there stuff on there. Also I recommended this because it has everything you need to put stuff on the motherboard.

Hard Drive

I would recommended external hard drive because it would be very good for a receptionist to have as a back up because it can come in handy.

Two Different Computer Offices!

What topologies is best?

I would pick the star topologies because it can connect to the hub but also if any faults happen in any start networks cable then it will only take down one computer network and not the entire LAN which is always good. You will need both LAN and WAN although a small company may use a LAN network because they are a small business they will need a WAN so they can connect to the internet to get to there emails and also can be in a Skype call for business.

Peer To Peer Or Client Server

What is Peer to Peer?

Peer to peer is where you can share information between computers like files you create on Microsoft office and you can transfer it to other computers. You can do this up to 6 computers! So you can actually share your work/files with 5 other people. Also it is not as good as a client server because peer to peer isn't that good secure.

What is a Client Server?

A client server is a big company that can control all of the computers and can sort out everything like passwords also a client server is more trusted and safer to use. For a client server you can have control to shut down everyone's computer or just to see if they all have virus software to protect the computers. Also some examples of computer applications that use client server are email and the world wide web.

Which one do I recommend?

I would recommend the client server although it is more for big company's I would still suggest this because it is more safer to use and you will have more control on what you do also you will be able to share more stuff to other people with a client server which is good.

Networks Issues

Viruses can be used to steal and corrupt data. Also they can spam you and try and make you download stuff what you don’t need.

Some can take down your servers down so you can’t access them because it has been hacked so you can’t access it.

We can prevent viruses by using Antivirus software also we have good things like firewalls to help you. For example McAfree could be best to stop viruses because it can block them out within milliseconds. Also make sure you do regular full updates for your PC/Laptop so you know that your machine is safe and not a risk so do one or two full updates a week.

Another issue what could occur is fake emails trying to make you buy something or just wants you to click on a link so viruses could appear. It is very easy to stop this happening and identifying the mistakes of the email. Make sure to try and spot bad spelling mistakes or grammar overall and also they might try and ask for money of you trying to make you believe that you need to pay for a bill.

Also make sure you have made a password of choice so no one else can access anything of yours like your emails or your networks. So make sure you have a strong password so no one can guess it so add some capital letters or numbers also make sure it’s about 12-16 letters/numbers long.

Networks For This Recruitment Company

This recruitment company will need a network to manage printers, scanners and computers.

Printers are needed in this recruitment company because people can create their work then print it out also it would be better if people had 1 or 2 printers then having 30 printers for 30 people. You can save lots of money as well which is a key thing also the quality of your work will be much better.

Different files can be stored on a network so workers can access them in different buildings. It is vital that a company invest in virus software to stop viruses and hackers occurring so they can keep there files safe. Company’s have many stuff like address, email, phone numbers and there history overall.

Software licenses are key for this recruitment company because there can be updates for it from the software company because this recruitment company is buying the software so it allows the software company to keep updating it and making it better for people to use because there getting the money to improve it.

Software Installation

Step 1: Enter the computer’s BIOS. This can usually be done by following an on screen prompt.

Step 2: Find your BIOS’s boot options menu.

Step 3: Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device of your computer.

Step 4: Save the changes of the settings.

Step 5: Shut down your computer.

Step 6: Insert the Windows 7 disc into your disc drive.

Step 7: Start your computer from the disc (If you are not asked to boot from the disc you may have

done something wrong. Retry the previous steps to solve the problem).

Step 8: Choose your Windows setup options.

Step 9: Click the Install nowbutton.

Step 10: Accept the License Terms.

Step 11: Select the Custom installation.

Step 12: Decide on which hard drive and partition you want to install Windows on.

Step 13: Install Windows on your preferred hard drive and partition.

Post Installation

Type your username and computer name then type your password in. After that make sure you enter your product license key then choose your window update settings. Once you have done this you can set up the time and time zone then set up your network type.


The positives on installing software yourself is that if you succeed installing it that means you have done something you haven't done before. Also you will be able to access the internet once you have installed software also you will be able to get software updates. The bad thing about it is that if you try and install the software it might not work because you don't have another space so you will need to upgrade your hard-drive to make it work.It could affect the system performance but also you could actually download viruses/bugs.

Network Registration

Register device onto a network to have access to the networks resources, such as printers and software files and folders.

Network Connectivity Issues

Network problems can occur anytime without any warnings. Most people attend to think that fixing it is very tricky to do. The most common network problem is simple to troubleshoot. Most issues are connected to several common factors. With troubleshoot it can help you massively because it is a problem solving like system administration.

Here are some problems with networks and connections.

Unplugged Cables

The first thing of troubleshooting is always seeing that all connections are intact like all plugged in and working. If you have a network issues it is very important to check connections to and from your Laptop/PC to the router. If you thing that one of your cables are broke or faulty make sure that you replace it with a perfectly working one which is the same and reset your connection.

Electrical Interference

Now and again electrical interference can occur between non-shielded cables and electrical devices like wireless routers. Noises giving off by the cables or devices sometimes interfere between each other and can actually cause a disruption in a network service. So maybe try and move your router to a better location and separate your cables to reduce the electrical interference.

Improperly Configured Settings

When you actually set up a router for the first time there is a series of settings and controls that need to be configured properly so the network can run smoothly without any major issues. It is actually possible to experience network issues if the settings were mistakenly changed by an outside programme. Locate your router’s configuration page and verify all of the settings to the recommended options.

Conflicting Applications

Many self-installed applications use a portion of the network bandwidth in order to operate and move information over to a network. Some applications are heavy resource and use a large chunk of bandwidth which can slow the network down. Also it is possible for applications to conflict with each other and cause network issues. Make sure you check your network manager to see if that no applications are using too much resources.

Software Licenses

Open Source:

An open source is a code that is made available with a license in which the copy holder provides the right to study open software is often developed in a public collaborative manner. Also open source can be modified and edited because its publicly accessible.

Source code is the part of software that most computer users don’t ever see its the code computer programmers can manipulate to change how a piece of a software program application works.

Single User:

A single user license is a license that grants one user the right to use the software. It may also grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on certain number of machines as long as it is owned by the same user. This is the ideal software package to use at home.


Multi-User is an operating system/application software that can be accessed by multiple users of a computer. For example multi-user can be used for windows or Photoshop. What we can’t do with multi-user is getting lots of versions and selling it on Ebay or the car boot sale because it’s illegal and can actually get in trouble.This is the ideal software for places like school, college or maybe a work place.

Which One For A Recruitment Agency?

I would pick multi-user because it can be used for multiple users and for a recruitment agency they will have many computers so this will be best. Also they will be able to share applications together like windows and even Microsoft office. This is definitely the best one to pick.

What If You Got Caught?

Make sure you don't get caught because there can be punishments like the police coming round and go to court and even go to jail with a massive fine. Don't go round selling software on places like car boot sales or just giving them out illegally because once your caught that's it.

Copyright Law

What is the copyright law and how can it be stopped?

Copyright law originated in the United Kingdom from a concept of common law. The copyright law helps creators of musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films to control the way which their material can be used. Copyright comes in when you give it to a friend because maybe they afford it or just making lots of copy's and selling it on. But copyright is easily stopped because some applications will only run in media like CD/DVD is in the drive or a piece of software may need to have a license key to be entered before you can install it.


FAST stands for Federation Against Software Theft and they was formed in 1984 and they was actually the world's first organisation to promote the legal use of software and tell people the rights of the publishers who have made it. They work with members, trading standards offices and local police to help to detect and combat the sale of infringing software.

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