Online Safety Gio B. .-.

5 Useful online internet safety tips :)

Tip #1 Don't Meet offline

If you meet someone online and they want to meet offline say NO!

You don't know if you can trust them you could be 12 or 13 and that person could possibly be older than you.

Tip #2 Set your profile to priavte

You don't know who is out there and be trying to steal your personal info. When you create a account or already have an account set it to private that way only you can send friend request to people you know.


Even if your parents say  its okay to meet that person offline bring a buddy just in case. You never know what they are trying to pull.

Tip #4 Don't Respond

If you are being bullied online don't respond, save the evidence and show/tell an adult you trust. If you are being bullied in school tell a Teacher they will resolve the problem.

If you be nice online you never know if the person is gonna be nice back that's why you don't go around calling other people rude names.

Tip #5 Be Nice

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