Samos island

Nick Giallourakis

The beginning of Samos history is lost in the mist of time. We do not know exactly when it was first inhabited but it is believed that it was inhabited as far as back as the Neolithic years (3rd millennium BC). Historians say that the first colonists of the island were Phoenicians, Leleges and Carians and also mention the Pelasgians, who brought to the island the worship of the goddess Hera. The place - names Samos, Imrrassos, Chesios and Astypalaia show a connection with Asia Minor and the languages of the Leleges and Carias.

Today, Samos is regarded as one of the most beautiful Hellenic islands. An island which live its traditions, and this can be felt in every step one takes there and in every meeting with the courteous and hard - working people of the island who they still follow the steps of their great ancestors.

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