A Day in the Life of a Thailand Student

Laddawadee Maroomdee wakes up at 5:50 and get ready for school. Her dad makes her khao tom for breakfast. She lives with her parents, sister, cousin, and grandmother.

This is her khao tom.

School Days!!!

Around 10:00 a.m. Laddawadee has recess after Math and Social Studies. She get to talk to her friends and eat ice cream.



For lunch, Laddawadee has kluay tiaow, which is a dish of noodles, rice, and fried chicken.

YUM!! Kluay Tiaow!!


After 12, she has 3 more hours of school, and on Fridays she has gym. Every other Wednesday she has dance class.

This is a traditional dance she might learn.


Around 6:15 she eats kraprao gai for dinner if her mom cooks, if not she gets food from a street vendor

kraprao gai


She goes to bed around 9:00, but before she prays for her family and friend to be happy and healthy.

This is Laddawadee praying!!

A day in the life of me!!!

My name is Madison Paige Hunter, but everyone calls me Madie. In live with my mom and my brother and go to my dad's on the weekends.I have 2 brothers.

My daily routine!!!

I wake up around 6:30 and get ready for school. When I'm done getting ready I have strawberries and cream oatmeal for breakfast.

This is my oatmeal!!!


School starts around 8:10 and I go to my first period class, which can differ because it is my "special" class.

My first period class this quarter is Health!!!


Around 11:00, I have lunch and continue my day at school til 2:45

Sometimes we have chicken nuggets for lunch!!!

School Is Out!!!

At 2:45, I finally get out of school to suffer through a 30 minute bus ride!!!

This is what my bus looks like!!!


The best part of my day is when i get home and watch my favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars!!!

This is my fav


I go to bed around 10:00, and do the same thing over the next morning, if it's a school day.

This is what my bed looks

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