Global Nutrition

Before browsing this gallery, I had no idea that there were different interpretations of "the food pyramid." It was very interesting to see the differing levels of importance in regards to nutrition among the different cultures, particularly with oils and water. Oils are not a stressed much in American nutrition, but they are a nutritional building block of countries like Greece and Spain (who are, interestingly enough, some of the healthiest people in the world). I also found it really interesting that only one country featured water as a part of good health even though it is absolutely essential to life, but I think this may be because it is common sense.

I think that the simpler visuals work better, but not the extremely simple ones. Germany's hurt my brain, and when stressing something as important as nutrition, that is not good. If I was a German, I probably wouldn't even bother trying to decipher what it was trying to say. Similarly, the Greek pyramid was so simple I had no idea what it was trying to get across. Most people don't want to read if there's some sort of visual already provided, and I felt that way about the Greek pyramid. I think that the Swiss, Spanish, American, British and Haitian nutritional representations were the best. They were simply enough to understand, but visually pleasing enough to be engaging and consequently bring people into what they are trying to get across.