A few children during the time of the Holocaust who were lucky enough to survive.

A survivor of the Holocaust, Leon Greenman, displayed the number that was tattooed on his arm at Auschwitz.

Guatemalan Civil War

"After having killed our wives, they brought out our children. They grabbed their feet and beat their heads against the house post. I had six children. They all died, and my wife as well...All my life my heart will cry because of it."

Children were often beaten against walls, or thrown alive into pits where the bodies of adults were later thrown; they were also tortured and raped. Victims of all ages often had their limbs amputated, or were impaled and left to die slowly.

Rwanda Genoicde

Tutsi people in east Zaire refugee camp after the genocide of 1944

A Hutu man who did not support the genocide had been imprisoned in the concentration camp, starved and attacked with machetes. He managed to survive after he was freed and was placed in the care of the Red Cross.

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