"The Snowman"

     Narrative poems are poems that tell stories in verse. Narratives usually have elements similar to short stories, like plot and characters. The poems contain a beginning, middle, and an end and can have the form of a rhyming couplet. The stories may be simple or may be very complex. Narratives may include epics, idylls, and ballads.

The Snowman
By: Unknown

There once was a very happy snowman
who was loved by all the boys and girls.
He would watch them run and play
with each passing day.

One day the sun was so bright
the snowman knew it wasn't quite right.
He hoped with each day
that he would not melt away
if only he could make it until night.

As the days became warmer and warmer
the snowman knew he was in danger.
He said his good-byes
and looked in their eyes
and said, "I promise I'll see you again."

The next snowy day
the children all came out to play.
They worked for hours together
to bring their friend back to them.

Before the days end
they all had their friend.
The happy snowman joined them
once again.