Woolly Mammoths


The Woolly Mammoths were very hairy.They had 4 metre tusks. Some were straight some were curved. They had a trunk and a bump on their heads. The woolly mammoth had 2 fingers to pick things up. They had flat teeth and brown fur.


The woolly mammoths' habitat was in the Ice age. It was cold and windy.


The woolly mammoth found their shelter under trees and in caves.

biological relationship:

The woolly mammoth was a herbivore. It was eaten by saber tooth tigers and hunted by prehistoric humans. It is apart of predator prey.

Food chain/web:

The woolly mammoth ate grass and it was eaten by a saber tooth.


The woolly mammoths lived in Tundra or Arctic regions.

Interesting facts:

The woolly mammoths was an asian elephant. The first mammoth was 2 million years ago and they were extinct by the time of melting ice. The last mammoth lived on an island near siberia about 4,000 years ago.

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