Top Ten Memorable Moments of My Seventh Grade

Memorable moments are more than moments. They are the ones that stick out while the rest are buried in the shifting sands of time. Here are my top ten moment of my seventh grade.

#10 - Cedar Point Trip

For Ensemble we went to Sandusky to sing at Cedar Point. Right after, we went to Cedar Point. It was an extremely fun time hanging out at the park with my friends. During the evening we saw the award ceremony. We got first in almost every aspect, for both band and chorus. Here is a picture of my favorite ride:

Before we went on, we had no idea that the ride went that high.

#9 - Drum Concert

In December I preformed a drum concert. I had been preparing for six months. I had practiced many hours on the same song. When I got there, they had announced that I would play the opening act. This was a highlight of my year, by far.

#8 - Science Olympiad States

The states tournament took place in Columbus at Ohio State University. Beforehand we went to the Dayton Air force Museum. The two day event was a really fun time. I didn't place in the tournament, but I still had a great time.

This is a picture of a sky walk on the campus.

#7 - Spring/Winter Choral Concert

In chorus I had two concerts. The choir goes on stage and performs multiple songs. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the winter one because it got me into the holiday season. I also enjoyed the spring concert, but I liked the winter one more.

#6 - Smoky Mountain Vacation

Over the summer I went to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The views of the mountains were amazing! I went stayed in a log cabin and did many local things, such as zip lining. Here is one of the best pictures I took:

Shortly after this there was a thunderstorm. It was possibly the coolest storm I was in.

#5 - Awards Night

Award night was a good time. It was a nice recap of the entire year. I was pleased that I got a few awards, and it was interesting to see what others got as well. I won two awards from Science Olympiad, a chorus award, and a G.P.A award.

#4 - Trip to Hilton Head

Over the summer I am flying to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This trip will be especially exciting because it will be the first flight I have been on since I was eight years old. We are staying in a private beach house. I have been to Hilton Head one other time, so revisiting it will be a good experience.

There is a boardwalk that takes you to the beach.

#3 - Seventh Grade Camp

I was looking forward to camp since September when we had the first meeting. I chose my group and on May 11th it began. The week was very fun. I enjoyed the nature hike, the challenge courses, and the creek study the most. It was definitely a great time.

#2 - New Year's Eve Party

For New Year's Eve me and one of my brothers went to a friends house. We watched movies until midnight, and then watched the ball drop. My brother stayed up six minutes later to cerebrate the "Real" New Year's. I stayed up until 7:00 A.M and woke up at 7:30 A.M.

#1 - Punderson Camping Trip

In July my dad booked a weekend in Punderson for October. I had forgotten about it over the summer, but in autumn I remembered it. My grandparent's had come along as well. We made Mountain Pies over a fire, and ate 'smores.  I went hiking for hours. It was an amazing trip.

HELA Moments

#1 - Road Of Trials

One of my favorite moments in HELA was when we did the road of trials as Part of the Mono-Myth/Hero's Journey. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get through two cubes in different ways. A challenge I thought was particularly difficult was to make a pyramid out many smaller pyramids.

This was one of my favorite challenges.

#2 - Radio Drama

After we listened to Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds", we were tasked with creating our own Radio Dramas. My favorite part was listening to everyone else's work. I enjoyed figuring our how to make sound effects, because it challenged me mentally.


#1 - Survival

In survival we did challenges that tested our survival. We had to set up a tent, bring scoops of water to a bucket, and find eggs. It took us about 45 minutes to complete, which is O.K.

#2  - Challenge Course

We did five different challenges in a pine forest. My favorite was the island course. You had to use three planks to get across several wooden "islands". I also enjoyed human knot.

#3 - Rock-wall/Zip-line

The rock wall was extremely challenging. I thought that climbing it was difficult. I did make it up, however. The zip-line hurt more than I expected, but it was still fun.


#1 - Cotton Eyed Joe

This song is long, but fast paced. Trying to dance the full song is "The Cotton Eyed Joe Challenge". I completed the challenge, and was a bit winded afterward.

#2 - Thriller

Thriller everyone knows, but not everybody knows the dance. The dance is a line dance, and it is quite extensive and hard to remember. At the dance, I forgot it completely.

My Precept

At first something may seem twisted and unconnected, not unlike a knot. It is when you examine it closer you realise that all it takes is a pull of a string to straighten it out.

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Good job, it is well organized and spaced.

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Thanks. I tried to go for an organized look.

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Great inclusion of your photos (mountains/storm) and the video of you playing the drums.