twelve- nineteen- twothousandfourteen

Sometimes most of us, all of us just need some words,

some sign from the universe to help us,

but that's all crap.

We are all so mad at one another that we forget what really matters

And before we know it, it's gone

If whatever you're angry about doesn't upset you at the end of the day when you go to bed, it was not worth it.

Sometimes you just need to breathe, because everything is going to be okay.

Music is very calming if you're feeling down

Maybe you can read a book while you're at it

Get sucked into a different world with different perspectives

I'm grateful for the friends and families I have even if it's just a few

I'm happy that I have a best friend who I vent to, I think that is very important

I'm also quite very grateful for books, I love reading.

Might I add cheesecake and all it's deliciousness as well as lemonade!

I'm grateful for nature because really what is a world without nature.  

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3 years ago

Cheesecake and a book? Perfection - Happy, happy new year, Shae!