Curley's Wife

By Michael Hebert

Greed / Desired / Envious

All I ever wanted was...

Become a famous movie star

Hollywood Famous

To be in all the pictures

Have a love of my life

The Desire to by Somebody

But I didn't want...

To live on a nasty farm

Be known as a tramp or a temptress

Have sexuality trouble

Cause Destructiveness to others

Intentions to be a trouble a maker


Curley's Wife has the desire to be somebody. Somebody who is hollywood famous and will be the star in all the movies. She wants to be in front of all the flashy lights and pictures. All but the least Curley's wife has the ambition to be somebody she really can't be.


Throughout the book Curley's Wife interacts with many different characters. One character she interacts with a lot is Lennie, she is always babying him around treating unkindly.  Another character in the book is Slim, Curley's wife is very sexually attracted to him and his qualities. In addition she also interacts with crooks but she treats him very poorly, almost like he is worth nothing in life. This tells the reader that Curley's wife is interacts very differently around different types of people, so she is kind of like a fake.

In the end I believe Curley's wife adds to the theme of the book, "Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. This is true because Curley's Wife was sort of a tramp and an unrealistic person throughout the novel. But as the story went on she started becoming less of a dreamer and realized what her life was really like through the act of change. Change is very powerful and can either be bad or good to you.

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