Cosmetic Chemist

Makers and sometimes producers of make-up

Cosmetic Chemistry is the science involved to make cosmetics.

This type of chemist designs safe, long-lasting cosmetics for people of all ages and genders; from expensive materials used to cheap materials.

People who want to be a cosmetic chemist need these 3 or more things to become one: chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or a related field.

As of 2010, cosmetic chemists earn an average salary of $58,000 per year.

If you're into makeup, math and chemistry this job is not that hard. Also, not many places have these jobs in America it just depends if there is a brand wanting one in america.

Why I chose this career

I want to build and produce my own brand of makeup. All my life ever since i was first called ugly have loved makeup. I've looked up to the women who produce makeup for the greater of reasons. My reason is to watch my customer walk away with a smile. I want people to feel beautiful. I've always been insecure and I want to make a brand that will make people feel more confident then I have ever been.

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