The waterfall!!!!

once upon of time , there was two girl named Elizabeth and Maria walking down a calmly woods . They was looking for a place to camp and when they found a place to camp Elizabeth started to look for more food but when Elizabeth went to go get food she saw a beautiful waterfall and she shouted "MARIA" name and she was like "yes Eli............ " she couldn't say no more because she saw the beautiful lake. Maria was like O MY GOD look at that and then, we both went to the camping spot and went to put on their bathing suit and jump in the pool Elizabeth said " this pool is so warm and not to deep or dirty and is so fun to play it and Maria agree with Elizabeth. When it was the afternoon Elizabeth went to take a shower Elizabeth saw the pool bubbling with bubble and Elizabeth was so excited that she decide to make a big splash in the water and then when it was Maria turn to shower, Maria said what is taking you so long and when Maria saw the pool bubbling she went with her clothes and everything and that is the stories of two best friend and a waterfall

!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!! BY: Elizabeth Reynoso Flores

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