Pamela Presley

Photography Portfolio

A Path

I took it on my walk with my papa.

girl getting drag by  a dog

i saw my sister strugging with our dog and thought it was a good pic.

a c mud

i saw the letter C in the mud and thought it was kinda cool.

beautiful flowers

it waas shining in the backyard and i thought they looked lovely.

bent trees

i saw the one that looks like an X and want to take a pic of it.

tree in the middle

i saw a border and the tree limb was in the middle it looked good.

A batch of trees

i saw the swaying in the wind look perfect

Cherry Blossoms

they look perfect standing side by side in the wind.

swaying trees

it shows it was a winding day with the light just right i liked it.

clear sky

it had a clear sky with little wind.

Girl hugging on dog

she seems relax and it was a good pic.

girl drinking water

she seemed thirsty.

mom happy

looks happy a nd relax.

girl happy with technology

when I saw my sister laughing at something on the internet I thought it was a happy moment to remember.

girl shocked to find herself in a picture taking moment.

when she looked at me and saw I was taking a pic of her she was shocked

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