Poetry Vocabulary Collection 4

Mackenzie Proctor; Dixon core 2; February 24, 2014

Crystal- made of clear, brilliant glass

The beautiful statue was made of crystal.

Sinewy- tough and strong

To make that statue the sculpture had to have sinewy hands.

Brawny- strong and muscular

To lift that tracter trailer you need to be brawny.

Parson- minister

I think that the parson gave a wonderful sermon Sunday.

Wrought- shaped by hammering

That wrought fence was beautiful.

Haunches- upper legs and hips of an animal

I trained my dog to sit on his haunches when told.


1- No, a dog would not sit if it were running.

2- Yes, I would expect a weight lifter to be brawny, weight lifters are strong.

3- I would expect a metalsmith to have sinewy hands because they have to be able to shape the metal

4- Yes, if a glass is made of a crystal it would be breakable because glass is breakable and crystal is a type of briliant glass.

5- Yes, a parson would likely be found at a church because a parson is a minister and a minister is a person that works at a church.

6- Yes, if something is wrought it was made from hammering because wrought means shaped by hammering.