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    China is a huge country, so the climate and  weather is incredibly varied. In spring, weather can be cold and dry in one place, and humid and dry in another. In summer, some areas are more extreme than others, but it is mostly hot. Fall is pleasant, with a lack of rain. Winter is freezing in some areas and humid in others.  

Main Attractions

China is filled with tourist attractions. One is the forbidden city, which has a famous portrait of Mao Zedong. Another is The Great Wall, which needs no explanation. One many of you might know is the Terracotta Warriors, sculptures of army men made for Emperor Qin. Hangzhou-Paradise on Earth has beautiful gardens, as well as the famous West Lake and streets and pavilions. The famous city Hong Kong has skyscrapers and futuristic architecture. And lastly, pandas! Who doesn't love pandas? China has lots of them, and a lot of places where you can learn about these animals.

Interesting Stuff

China is incredibly interesting, and many interesting facts have to do with attractions. The Forbidden City was originally the seat of the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall was in the works since the 7th century, and the Terracotta warriors are definitely like nothing else you've seen before. Speaking of emperor Qin, China is likely derived from his name. China was the country that invented many important things, such as paper, with the plant papyrus. There's another kind of paper China invented, known as "toilet paper", and that was originally only for emperors. More things China invented include Ice Cream and kites.


China is full of religion. There is a lot of religion in China, much of it centers around family. One religion, Buddhism, is practiced all over Asia. According to surveys, the largest religion is Asia is Atheism/Agnostic.


China has a variety of languages. China's most well known language is Mandarin. Other official Chinese languages include Cantonese, Tibetan, Zuang, and Mongolian.

The Daily Routine

Big surprise, lifestyle is different in China than it is in the US. If you are looking for a change in life, go to China and explore the interesting culture. Chinese life is based around family. You need to respect your family, especially the elders. It's like Roman times, expect your father can't kill you. China also values the beauty of nature, painting, and song.


Airfare Cost: $2,3335.36 for 1 week round-trip Washington to Beijing.

Hotels Cost: $807 for one week

Meals price: unknown

Travel costs within country: $2,100

Total Budget: $26241.36

And, that's it! Thank you for reading.

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