Career Research Report
Ms. J. Smith
October 16, 2013

The Communication Arts II students are working on a Careers Research Report. The will be working through a five stage process. (1) Prewriting-Show your work to your teacher for approval. (2) Drafting- Select a career that you are interested in pursuing, conduct research and write a four paragraph report. This essay must include duties, settings, training and other qualifications, earnings, job outlook, and a decision on whether or not that this career is something you would like to pursue. Please paraphrase, type, double-space, and cite your sources (internally and on a works cited page) using MLA Style. (3) Revising- You will submit a rough draft (4) Editing and Proofreading-a final draft (5) Reflecting- complete your reflection and attach it to your work. (150 points possible)

It is my hope that your Career Research Report will help you to think about your future and plan for your life beyond high school.

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