How is our government doing?

Hannah Dulin

Is Affordable Care Act really affordable for all?

The Affordable Care Act is an example of the government trying to "promote the general welfare". This act is designed to make insurance affordable for those with moderate to low income, and expands eligibility for Medicaid, for the states that agreed to do so. Although the financial aid is not enough for some, this is still an attempt at improving the quality of peoples lives.

Obama orders NSA phone data limits, tighter restrictions for spying on international leaders

Trying to balance out the government’s surveillance policies and the public’s civil liberties, President Obama announced that the National Security Agency’s ability to store phone data collected from millions of Americans would be coming to an end. The series of steps they will be taking to have this outcome is a way to "secure the blessings of liberty." The NSA and the government will be allowing the people to be free from the unnecessary and unjust law of them being able to store American citizens phone data.

'Almost unreal' : Bipartisan lawmakers unveil new Voting Rights Act fix

With the new Voting Rights Act Fix, the legislation will be rewriting the formula that decides which localities and states must get federal approval before changing their voting laws, this shows the government in attempt to "form a more perfect union". All states and jurisdictions are subject to the same standard is what the proposed legislation would state, promoting cooperation between the national and state governments.