Eva Jeanne Markosky

As an environmental engineering student at The Pennsylvania State University, Eva Jeanne Markosky has held multiple pre-professional internships to enhance her expertise. She currently serves as an environmental engineering intern with The Markosky Engineering Group, where she supports scientists, designers, and engineers in a variety of design and inspection projects. To date, Eva Jeanne Markosky has worked on the design of highways and bridges as well as the development of computer-aided drafting and modeling and environmental reports. An experienced field work assistant as well, she has served the company during her school breaks since 2013.

Athletically inclined, Ms. Markosky runs regularly and enjoys participating in Mud Runs and other challenge events with her loved ones. She enjoys clay and pistol shooting, and during hunting season pursues whitetail deer, pheasant, turkey, and squirrel. Adept in the use of rifle as well as archery equipment, she also fly-fishes in streams around her Pennsylvania home. When indoors, she enjoys reading such diverse material as The Hunger Games, A Tale of Two Cities, Lord of the Rings, and The Great Gatsby.

The Lord of the Rings: an Epic Fantasy that Inspires

Eva Jeanne Markosky, who is studying environmental engineering at Pennsylvania State University, is an avid reader. Even though she enjoys many books, Eva Jeanne Markosky lists The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien among her favorites.

The Lord of the Rings first started as a sequel to The Hobbit, a children’s fantasy novel. Instead, the story transformed into an epic high fantasy trilogy. Tolkien, an English philologist and professor at the University of Oxford, wrote the story from 1937 and 1949. Tolkien originally intended the series to be a single novel, but publishers insisted in dividing it into three separate books.

In the novel, the Dark Lord named Sauron plans to rule all of Middle-earth with the Rings of Power. The only ring that he does not have is the One Ring, which rules over the other rings and happens to be passed down to Frodo Baggins. Frodo and his companions, including fellow hobbits Sam, Merry, Pippin, and others, must make a dangerous journey through Middle-earth. Their goal is the Cracks of Doom, which is the only place that they can destroy the ring and foil Sauron’s plan to conquer the world.

The epic journey has whispers of otherworldly fantasy and all-too-real hints of the terrors of World War II and its industrialism. It also includes love, friendship, and heroic feats in the midst of a magical world.